1.2.5. Security alarm system

The security alarm system works when hacking the car.
The security alarm system is intended for prevention of attempts of breaking and stealing of the car. In case of unauthorized penetration into the car the system begins to give sound and light alarm signals.

Turning on of the device
The security alarm system automatically turns on when locking the car the key, or remote radio control inserted into the lock of the closed driver's door. The system enters the sentry mode later about 30 from later locking of the car.

Switching off of the device
When unlocking the car the security alarm system is switched-off only when using of remote radio control. The car is automatically locked if it did not open during 60 from later giving of a radio signal.
When unlocking the car a key from the driver's door all other doors, a luggage carrier and a cover of the filling hatch remain locked.
It is necessary for shutdown of the security alarm system during 15 from later opening of the car from a door of the driver to insert a key into the lock of ignition and to include ignition. If during 15 with not to include ignition, the disturbing alarm system will work.

Light-emitting diode
After locking of the car during about 30 with in bystry, and then in slower mode the light-emitting diode which is in the driver's door blinks. It demonstrates reduction in readiness of the security alarm system, including control of salon. The constant luminescence of a light-emitting diode during about 30 with instead of the blinking code testifies to malfunction of the security alarm system.

Before getting out of the car, be convinced that all windows, doors and the shifted roof panel are closed. Full operability of the security alarm system is provided to these.
When unlocking the car a key from the driver's door, the system of locks with the central management is completely ready for operation only after inclusion of ignition.
The security alarm system works at a detachment of one of polar conclusions of the accumulator at once (provided that it is in the sentry mode).