1.2.7. Cowl

Unlocking of a cowl
The handle of unlocking of a cowl is in interior of the car.

Fig. 1.21. Handle of unlocking of a cowl

Pull the handle (fig. 1.21) located under the dashboard in the direction of an arrow.
At the same time the cowl will be pushed out from a lock by effort of a spring. At the same time through a front grille the unlocking uvula outside moves forward.

Opening of a cowl
Before opening of a cowl be convinced that brushes of a screen wiper are on a windshield. Otherwise they can damage a paint and varnish covering.
Raise a cowl a little.
Wring out the unlocking uvula located under a cowl up. At the same time the cowl will be exempted from the hook holding it.
Open a cowl.
The open cowl is kept in the top situation by a gas-filled spring.