1.5.2. Deflectors

Stitched deflectors
Stitched deflectors open and closed by rotation of the corrugated regulators located on each side.
The direction of an air stream via deflectors is regulated by shift in the necessary direction located in the center of the handle corresponding deflectors.

Fig. 1.135. Arrangement of deflectors

Via any airfinal device the heated, not heated or cooled fresh air can arrive depending on the chosen air distribution option. Deflectors of heating of space for legs are located under front seats. Data management devices is exercised together with devices 5 (fig. 1.135).

Control of heating wind and side glasses
Press temperature key "+" so many time until on the display indication "MOVE" appears.
Press a key.

Prevention of fogging wind and side glasses
Keys of regulation of temperature And yes In if necessary increase temperature a little.

Temperature regulator in situation "MAH"
Open stitched deflectors 3.

Comfortable mode of heating of salon
When glasses are purified and in salon the necessary temperature will be established, it is recommended to customize system as follows.
"+" or "-" adjust temperature regulator on the necessary productivity of a heater.
Stitched deflectors 3 and 4 are adjusted at will.