1.6.20. Windscreen washer

Fig. 1.169. Windscreen washer tank

The filling tank of windscreen washer contains liquid for cleaning of a windshield and the device of cleaning of headlights. The tank is located in podkapotny space, ahead at the left (fig. 1.169).
It is always recommended to add to water special means for cleaning of glasses (in the winter with means against freezing) as one water is not enough for bystry and effective cleaning of glasses and headlights.
Also in the presence of the warmed windscreen washer jets in the winter always add to water means against freezing.
If near at hand there is no screen wiper with means against freezing, then it is possible to use alcohol (content of alcohol should not exceed 15%). At the same time you remember that this concentration provides frost resistance at most to –5 °C.