1.6.22. Lifting of the car

For dismantle of a wheel it is necessary to lift the car a jack.

Fig. 1.173. Places for installation of a jack and a poddomkrachivaniye

On the lower longeron of a body find the place, next to a faulty wheel, for installation of a jack (fig. 1.173)
Rotate the handle of the jack located under a nest and bring his lifting paw to such height that the paw was directly under vertically located longeron edge.
Level a jack so that the cam pickup of a lifting paw And covered a longeron edge, and the mobile heel In rested all surface against the basis (fig. 1.173).
Rotation of the handle of a jack lift the car to a separation from the earth of a faulty wheel.
On the lower longeron of a body there are characteristic places designating an arrangement of forward and back nests for installation of a jack. To each wheel there corresponds only one nest. The poddomkrachivaniye in other places is not allowed.
The distance from a nest for installation of a jack to the corresponding lobby wheel beggars makes about 15 cm, and to back – about 25 cm.
If necessary establish the wide, strong basis under a jack heel. On a slippery surface (for example, a facing tile) enclose under a jack the nonskid basis (for example, a rubber rug).

To take measures for prevention of sliding of a heel of a jack.
Poddomkrachivaniye out of the designated places can lead to damages of the car. Besides, it is injury-causing as at an insufficient support of the car at any time the jack can slip out.