1.6.25. Safety locks

Replacement of safety locks
The fused safety locks it is necessary replace.
Switch off ignition and the refused consumer of current.

Fig. 1.177. Cover of safety locks

By means of the screw-driver uncover safety locks (fig. 1.177).

Fig. 1.178. Safety block

Determine by the table of safety locks what of them concerns the refused consumer of current.
Take the plastic tweezers fixed from the inside of a cover and take tweezers the fused safety lock.
Replace the fused safety lock (a characteristic sign – the melted metal plate) new, calculated on the same current.
Establish into place a cover of safety locks.
Separate electrochains are protected by fuses. Safety locks are located under a cover at the left end face of the dashboard.
From the inside of a cover there is a sticker with the table of safety locks, and also two spare safety locks. Besides, there is also a krivoshipny handle for emergency closing of the shifted roof panel.

Color designations of safety locks