1.6.3. The help at the parking ahead and behind

Fig. 1.145. The help device switch at the parking

The help device at the parking signals about obstacles ahead and behind.
At the movement by the back or forward course the 8-channel device by means of ultrasonic sensors measures distance to an obstacle. For measurement of distance in a front and rear bumper about four sensors are mounted (2 on the center, 2 on each side).
Sensors begin to react when finding an obstacle in distance:
– sideways 0,60 m;
– on the center behind 1,50 m;
– on the center ahead of 1,00 m.

The warning of distance to an obstacle is carried out the same as at the movement by a backing. However recognition of an obstacle comes at shorter distance from the car.

Sound signals are temporarily disconnected if when maneuvering transfer switches (for example, transfer of the back/forward course). However as soon as the system will register approach to an obstacle, the warning signal will begin to sound again.

Malfunction of the device
Sounding within several seconds of a continuous sound signal at inclusion of transfer of a backing or turning on of the device a key, and also a light-emitting diode blinking in a key testifies to malfunction of system. Existence of malfunction up to switching off of ignition demonstrates that in repeated attempt of inclusion of system in a key the light-emitting diode will blink and there will be no acoustic signal.
If the system is faulty, then at turning on of the device of the help at the parking the confirming sound signal is absent.
For ensuring operability of the device of the help at the parking to keep sensors clean and free from ice.

There are "dead" zones in which sensors do not catch objects. Pay special attention to small children and animals as they not in each case are distinguished by sensors.
The low obstacles caught by sensors can in process of approach to them cease to be fixed by system and will be absent respectively a warning sound signal. Also such objects as protecting chains, дышло the trailer, the thin varnished vertical bars or fencings are not perceived by system under certain circumstances and can lead to damage of the car.