1.6.4. System of regulation of speed

The system of regulation of speed supports the set speed.
By means of this system (within the opportunities determined by power engine/efficiency of braking by the engine) it is possible to support any set speed, beginning approximately from 30 km/h. Thanks to it it is not required to hold a leg on an accelerator pedal that is especially convenient at distant trips.
During the operation of the device in a combination of devices the corresponding control lamp burns.

The system of regulation of speed cannot use at high intensity of the movement and an adverse condition of the carriageway (for example, ice, danger of hydroplaning, gravel emission).
On cars with the mechanical transmission at the included system not to switch to neutral transfer without vyzhim of a pedal of coupling Differently perhaps sharp increase in turns of the engine that in certain circumstances is fraught with its breakage

At movement along roads with strong biases the system of regulation of speed cannot support the set speed. Speed increases owing to the mass of the equipped car. Therefore in due time switch to a low gear or you brake a brake pedal.

Programming of speed
For turning on of the device pull the handle A in situation 1 (fig. 1.146).

Fig. 1.146. Governing bodies of system of regulation of speed

Press and release the button B.
After an otpuskaniye of the button B there is a programming and observance of urgent speed.

Temporary shutdown of system

Fig. 1.147. Temporary shutdown of system

Press a brake pedal, or a coupling pedal (at its existence), or wring out the handle to situation and (without fixing) (fig. 1.147).
At temporary shutdown the speed programmed at the moment remains in memory.
For reproduction of the programmed speed release a pedal of a brake or coupling and transfer the handle A to situation b.
If at the time of temporary shutdown the necessary speed was not programmed, then new urgent speed can be programmed as follows: at the movement with the necessary speed press and release the button b.

You reproduce the programmed speed only if it is not too high for the actual traffic conditions.

Blackout of system
During the movement: wring out the handle A in situation 2 (the fixed situation).
On the motionless car: switch off ignition.