1.6. Driving and service of the car

Launch of the engine
Emergency brake
The help at the parking ahead and behind
System of regulation of speed
Automatic transmission
Klinotsepna variator of "Multitronic"
Operation of "Multitronic"
Electronic system of dynamic stabilization (ESP)
Antiblocking device brake systems
Electronic blocking of differential (EDS)
System of regulation of the drive of driving wheels (ASR)
Amplifier of the steering drive
System servotronik
Four-wheel drive ("Quattro")
The movement with the trailer
Removable traction coupling device
Control of level of oil
Cooling liquid
Rechargeable battery
Windscreen washer
Replacement of a wheel
Lifting of the car
Dismantle / installation of a wheel
Help of launch of the engine
Safety locks
Glow lamps