2.10.10. Sealing flanges and two-mass flywheel / flywheel

Fig. 2.498. Sealing flanges and two-mass flywheel: 1 – engine speed sensor; 2 – bolt of 4,5 N · m; 3 – bolt of 15 N · m; 4 – sealing cuff; 5 – forward sealing flange; 6 – bolt of 15 N · m; 7 – oil pallet; 8 – block of cylinders; 9 – two-mass flywheel / flywheel; 10 – bolt of fastening of a two-mass flywheel / flywheel; 11 – intermediate guard; 12 – sensor ring; 13 – bolt of 15 N · m; 14 – a back sealing flange with a sealing cuff

Installation of an intermediate guard

Fig. 2.93. Check of installation of a flange

Suspend an intermediate guard on a sealing flange and get it on adjusting plugs (fig. 2.93).

Replacement of manzhetny consolidation of the crankshaft on the party of a belt pulley
Bring a radiator frame into service situation.
Take off poliklinovy a belt.
Take off a gear belt.

Fig. 2.499. Fixing of a gear wheel of the crankshaft

Remove a crankshaft gear wheel for what record it by means of a countersupport (fig. 2.499).

Fig. 2.112. Installation of the central bolt in the crankshaft

Before installation of a stripper of manzhetny consolidation twist the central bolt of a gear wheel in the crankshaft against the stop (fig. 2.112).

Fig. 2.113. Screwing of a carving head in manzhetny consolidation

Unscrew an internal part of a stripper of manzhetny consolidation on eight turns from an external part and record a bolt with a nakatka (fig. 2.113).
Oil a carving head of a stripper engine, establish and, having strongly pressed, twist it as it is possible more deeply in manzhetny consolidation.
Weaken a bolt with a nakatka and to turn an internal part of a stripper against the crankshaft until manzhetny consolidation is extended.
Clamp a stripper flat places in a vice.
Remove manzhetny consolidation with pincers.
Clear working and adjacent surfaces.

Replace the bolts tightened on a certain corner.
Do not grease a working edge and an outer edge of manzhetny consolidation before a press fitting.

Fig. 2.500. Installation of the directing plug on a crankshaft sock

Get the directing plug on a sock of the crankshaft (fig. 2.500).
Spread manzhetny consolidation via the directing plug.

Fig. 2.501. Epiploon press fitting

Press manzhetny consolidation aflush with the press plug and the central bolt (fig. 2.501).
Replace the central bolt of a gear wheel.
On adjacent surfaces between a driving asterisk of a gear belt and the crankshaft there should not be an oil.
In addition do not grease a crankshaft gear wheel bolt.
Establish a crankshaft gear wheel, for this purpose to hold a gear wheel by means of a countersupport.
Further installation is carried out in the return sequence.
Establish a gear belt (adjust gas distribution phases).
Establish a quencher of tortional fluctuations.
Establish poliklinovy a belt.
Establish a radiator frame with hinged elements.
Lower an emphasis of a forward support at the expense of a body weight on the rubber buffer and tighten nuts.

Fig. 2.96. Fastening of the rubber buffer

Establish an overlay of a front bumper (fig. 2.96).

Inhaling moments
Asterisk of the drive of a gear belt to коленвалу*: 120 N · m +90 ° **.
Emphasis of a forward support to a radiator frame: 28 N · m.
Hose collars, width are 9 mm: 3 N · m.
Hose collars, width are 13 mm: 5,5 N · m.
* Replace a bolt.
** 90 ° there correspond quarters of a turn.