2.10.11. Removal and installation of a flywheel, cars from multitronic

Remove a quencher of tortional fluctuations.
Mark the provision of a flywheel to the engine.

Fig. 2.502. Installation of a countersupport

Establish a countersupport for untwisting of bolts (fig. 2.502).

Fig. 2.503. Fastening of a flywheel

Turn off a flywheel (fig. 2.503).

Installation is made in the return sequence, taking into account the following.
For fastening use new bolts.
Establish a countersupport for an inhaling of bolts.
Establish a quencher of tortional fluctuations.

Inhaling moment
Flywheel to the crankshaft, length of bolts * 22,5 mm: 60 N · m +90 ° **.
* Replace bolts.
** 90 ° there correspond quarters of a turn.