2.10.18. Check of hydraulic pushers

The hydraulic pushers pressed in roller levers cannot be repaired.
The irregular knock of valves at start of the engine is normal.

Procedure for test
Start the engine and a podozhdayta until the fan of a radiator turns on at least once.
Raise turns for 2 min. up to 2500 min.-1, if necessary carry out a trial trip.

If the irregular knock of valves vanishes, but at trips on short distances appears again, then the oil reducing valve is faulty. The oil reducing valve is located in the holder of an oil filter. The backpressure oil valve cannot be replaced separately.

If hydraulic pushers still rustle, then it is possible to define faulty or faulty pushers as follows.
Uncover GBTs.
You twist the crankshaft until the cam of the checked hydraulic pusher appears above.

Cars with the mechanical transmission
With the included 4th transfer and the switched-off ignition to advance.

Cars with the multitronic transmission
Remove a noise-insulating guard, a support against a provorachivaniye and a support emphasis against a provorachivaniye, wring out a casing from a damper of tortional fluctuations and turn the crankshaft for the central bolt of a damper of tortional fluctuations clockwise.
Define a gap between cams and roller levers.

Fig. 2.531. Check of a hydraulic pusher

Press by means of the screw-driver the roller lever (fig. 2.531) down.
If between a cam-shaft and the roller lever the probe 0,20 mm thick enters, replace a hydraulic pusher, having removed for this purpose the roller lever.

Sizes of valves

Valves are forbidden to be processed. Only grinding in is allowed.