2.3.19. Check of a compression

Procedure for test

Fig. 2.54. Engine casing

Remove a casing of the engine (fig. 2.54).

Temperature of engine oil has to be at least 30 °C.
Voltage of the accumulator is at least 12,7 Century.

Unscrew bolts 1.

Fig. 2.26. Tips of coils of ignition and bolts of fastening of a stage

Disconnect sockets 2 from coils of ignition and release a cable (fig. 2.26).
Remove ignition coils with output cascades the special tool.
Unscrew spark plugs a candle key of Century.
Disconnect the 8-row socket of nozzles.
Check compression pressure by means of a kompressometr and the adapter.
You twist a starter until indications of a kompressometr cease to increase.

Establish candles and coils of ignition.
Interview memory of malfunctions of the control unit of the engine.

At a detachment of sockets in memory mistakes register. After measurement interview and if necessary erase memory of malfunctions.

Inhaling moments
Spark plugs in a head of the block of cylinders – 30 N · m.