2.3.2. Removal and installation of a poliklinovy belt

Fig. 2.97. Contour of a poliklinovy belt: 1 – damper of tortional fluctuations; 2 – tension damper of a poliklinovy belt; 3 – poliklinovy belt; 4 – generator; 5 – pump of the hydraulic booster; 6 – by-pass roller; 7 – conditioner compressor

Before removal of a poliklinovy belt mark the direction of the course with chalk or a felt-tip pen. Change of the direction of the course of earlier operated belt can lead to its damage

Mark the direction of the course of a poliklinovy belt.

Fig. 2.64. Weakening of a poliklinovy belt

For weakening of a poliklinovy belt turn a tension damper on an arrow (fig. 2.64).
Record a tension element by means of a clamp.
Take off a poliklinovy belt.

Check correctness of provision of a poliklinovy belt.
Start the engine and check the belt course.

Holding a tension element a wrench, take a stopper and weaken a tension element.