2.3.21. Removal and installation of the phase shifter

Remove the pump of high pressure.
Unscrew bolts.

Fig. 2.142. Fastening of a cover of GBTs

Uncover GBTs (fig. 2.142).
Remove the vacuum pump.

Fig. 2.158. Fastening of the case of the regulator of phases of gas distribution

Remove the case of the regulator of phases of gas distribution (fig. 2.158).

Fig. 2.153. Combination of dredging

Combine a mark in a cam-shaft gear wheel with a mark in the protection cover of a gear belt. Dredging stands vertically the friend opposite to the friend (fig. 2.153).
Establish a clamp of cam-shafts, as shown in the figure 2.159, and fix it.
Turn off the fixing screw of the phase shifter a face nozzle.
Squeeze a natyazhitel of a chain And yes put him on a clamp In (fig. 2.160).

Fig. 2.160. Installation of a natyazhitel on a clamp

Unscrew the fixing screw of the phase shifter and remove it together with a chain.


Fig. 2.159. Installation of a clamp of cam-shafts

Cam-shafts should be stopped a clamp of cam-shafts (fig. 2.159).
Put on a chain the phase shifter.
Put the phase shifter before a final cam-shaft to combine a cut And with a thorn In (fig. 2.161).

Fig. 2.161. Combination of the phase shifter and final cam-shaft

Fig. 2.162. Making of a chain

In such situation lay a chain at first from above on an asterisk of an inlet cam-shaft (fig. 2.162).
Slowly scroll an inlet cam-shaft a key on two openings in the direction of an arrow A until the phase shifter sits down on a cam-shaft (fig. 2.163).

Fig. 2.163. Installation of the phase shifter on a cam-shaft

If the pin on enters a cut, it is necessary to remove and to anew establish a chain.

Tighten a bolt of fastening of the phase shifter. For this purpose use a face nozzle.
Remove a clamp In (fig. 2.160).
Further installation and assembly is carried out in the return to sequence removal.
Establish an inlet collector.
Establish TNVD.
Install the vacuum pump.