2.3.22. Removal and installation of cam-shafts

The lower landing surface of a frame of cam-shafts and the top head of the block of cylinders is forbidden to be processed.

Bearings of a cam-shaft are built in a head of the block of cylinders and a frame of cam-shafts. Before removal of a frame of cam-shafts it is necessary to weaken a gear belt.
After untwisting of a frame of cam-shafts surely replace manzhetny consolidation of a cam-shaft and a cover.
Uncover GBTs.
Remove the phase shifter.
Take off a gear belt.

Fig. 2.164. Untwisting of a gear wheel of a cam-shaft

Turn off a cam-shaft gear wheel, for this purpose use a countersupport (fig. 2.164).

Fig. 2.147. Removal of a belt pulley of a cam-shaft two-gripping stripper

Remove a cam-shaft gear wheel a stripper (fig. 2.147).
Turn off a back part of the protection cover of a gear belt from GBTs.
Unscrew screws of a frame of cam-shafts evenly from edges to the center and remove a frame.
Carefully take cam-shafts up and lay them on a pure lining.
Remove old sealant from a flute of a frame of cam-shafts, and also from the condensing surfaces.

Fig. 2.165. Old sealant on interfaced GBTs surface

Do not allow hit of dirt and the remains of sealant in GBTs (fig. 2.165).

Check that all yokes were correctly established on shafts of cores of valves.

On the condensing surfaces there should not be an oil and lubricant.
Pistons should not be in VMT.

Oil working surfaces of cam-shafts engine.
Accurately enclose cam-shafts in bearings of cam-shafts of a head of the block of cylinders. Cams And the 4th cylinder have to be turned to each other (fig. 2.153).

Fig. 2.153. Combination of dredging

Put uniform, slightly convex roller of sealant in a pure flute of a frame of cam-shafts.

Not to apply sealant with too thick layer.
It is necessary to establish and fasten a frame of cam-shafts without breaks as sealant begins to harden right after contact of landing surfaces.
Observe a sealant expiration date.

Fig. 2.166. Installation of a frame of a cam-shaft

Put a frame of cam-shafts so that not to touch the valve of recirculation of OG (fig. 2.166).
Replace bolts of fastening of a frame of cam-shafts.
In several stages slightly twirl screws, beginning from the center to edges.
Tighten bolts finally in the specified sequence.

Fig. 2.167. Sequence of tightening of bolts of fastening of a frame of cam-shafts

Press a cover a mandrel on depth of 1-2 mm (fig. 2.167).
Establish a cam-shaft epiploon.
Establish a back part of the protection cover of a gear belt.
Insert a prismatic spline into a cam-shaft.
Establish a cam-shaft gear wheel. For twisting of the screw hold a cam-shaft gear wheel by means of a support (fig. 2.164).

When scrolling a cam-shaft any of pistons should not be in VMT. There is a danger of damage of valves/piston.

Be convinced of correctness of installation of a prismatic spline.
Establish a gear belt.
Install the phase shifter.
Establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
Establish a radiator frame with hinged components.

Fig. 2.96. Fastening of the rubber buffer

Lower a support emphasis against a provorachivaniye at the expense of a body weight on the rubber buffer and tighten nuts (fig. 2.96).
Establish a casing of a front bumper.
Check adjustment of headlights.
Further installation and assembly is carried out in the return to sequence removal.