2.3.7. Removal and installation of a forward sealing flange

Take off poliklinovy a belt.
Remove gear ремнь.

Fig. 2.110. Keeping of a pulley of the crankshaft countersupport

Establish a belt pulley of the crankshaft (for a gear belt), holding a pulley a countersupport (fig. 2.110).

Fig. 2.111. Removal of a pulley of the crankshaft

Turn off the central bolt of 1 belt pulley of the crankshaft (for a gear belt) and remove a pulley 2 and a diamond washer of 3 (fig. 2.111).

Fig. 2.116. Bolts of fastening of a flange

Unscrew bolts 1. 10 (fig. 2.116).
Hook a forward flange and remove it.
Vypressuyte an epiploon at the removed flange.

Carefully remove the sealant remains on the block of cylinders and the oil pallet.

Put rags on an open part of the oil pallet.

Fig. 2.117. Removal of the remains of sealant from a contact surface of a flange

From a flange remove the sealant remains, for example by means of the rotating brush nozzle with a plastic bristle (fig. 2.117).
Clear landing surfaces; on them there should not be an oil and lubricant.
Cut off a tube nose on a forward mark (diameter of an opening about 2 mm).

Fig. 2.118. Places of putting sealant

Apply on adjacent surfaces between the block of cylinders and the oil pallet the thin roller of sealant (fig. 2.118).

Fig. 2.119. The scheme of putting sealant on a contact surface of a flange

Apply a sealant plait on a pure landing surface of a sealing flange, as shown in the figure 2.119.
Sealant plait thickness: 2–3 mm.

The plait of sealant has to be not thicker than 3 mm, otherwise excess sealant can get to the oil pallet and litter the mesh filter in a maslozaborny branch pipe.

Fig. 2.120. Lower contact surface of a flange

Apply a thin film of sealant (the shaded surface) (fig. 2.120) on the lower adjacent surface of a flange.

The sealing flange has to be established within 5 min. after putting sealant.

Carefully pull a sealing flange over pins of the block of cylinders.

For installation of a sealing flange at the established epiploon use the directing plug.

Tighten bolts in the specified sequence (fig. 2.116):
– tighten bolts 1–6;
– tighten bolts 7–10.
Install a crankshaft epiploon on the side of belt pulleys.
Replace the central bolt of a gear wheel.

On adjacent surfaces between a driving asterisk of a gear belt and the crankshaft there should not be an oil.
In addition do not grease a crankshaft gear wheel bolt.

Establish a crankshaft 2 pulley (for a gear belt) with a new diamond washer 3 and a new central bolt of 1 (fig. 2.111).
Record a pulley a countersupport and fix (fig. 2.110).
Further installation is carried out in the return sequence.
Establish a belt pulley of the crankshaft.
Establish poliklinovy a belt.
Establish a radiator frame with hinged components.

Fig. 2.96. Fastening of the rubber buffer

Lower a support emphasis against a provorachivaniye at the expense of a body weight on the rubber buffer and tighten nuts (fig. 2.96).
Establish a casing of a front bumper.
Check adjustment of headlights.

Inhaling moment
Flange to the block of cylinders: 15 N · m.
Asterisk of the drive of a gear belt to коленвалу*: 90 N · m +90 ° **.
Emphasis of the shaking support: 28 N · m.
* Replace a bolt.
** 90 ° there correspond quarters of a turn.

On a carving and a fillet there should not be an oil and lubricant.