2.3.9. Removal and installation of the conducted disk

The engine or the transmission have to be removed.
Mark the provision of the conducted disk concerning the engine.

Fig. 2.123. Countersupport installation sites

Fix a support for coupling by the six-sided M8x45 screw on a fixing disk. Between a countersupport and the conducted disk establish two six-sided nuts of M10. Countersupport installation site: And for easing, In for an inhaling (fig. 2.123).
Turn off the conducted disk.
Remove, the being below, compensation washer.

Establish a fixing disk with use of a podkladny washer with grooves 1.

Fig. 2.124. Components of the conducted disk

Insert and tighten with the moment 30 N · m new screws 3 (fig. 2.124).

Fig. 2.125. Measurement of size of a vystupaniye of the conducted disk

Measure size A in three places and to calculate average value (fig. 2.125).
Nominal size: 19,5–21,1 mm.

It is measured through an opening in the conducted disk to the milled surface of the block of cylinders.

If the preset value is not reached, remove the conducted disk, remove or insert a leveling washer 2.
Repeat the procedure of measurement for what fasten the conducted disk the moment of 30 N · m (fig. 2.124).
If the preset value is normal, tighten bolts the appropriate moment.
Inhaling moment: the conducted disk to the crankshaft * – 60 N · m +90 ° **
* Replace a bolt.
** 90 ° there correspond quarters of a turn.