2.4.3. Check of pressure of oil and sensor of pressure of oil

Conditions for check
Check whether the level of engine oil is normal.
The control lamp of pressure of oil has to light up approximately on 3 pages at inclusion of ignition.
In cars with the Auto-Check system the "i. O./normal" indicator has to light up (to cause a symbol).
Temperature of engine oil of at least 80 °C (the fan of the cooling system has to work at least once).

Procedure for test

Fig. 2.205. Check of pressure of oil and sensor of pressure of oil

Remove the sensor of pressure of oil A and screw in it in the manometer (fig. 2.205).
Twist a tester manometer in the holder of an oil filter instead of the sensor.
Apply a brown wire of the manometer for measurement of pressure of oil to weight(s).
Connect a tester of tension of V.A.G 1527 B by means of auxiliary wires from a set of supportive measuring applications to a positive conclusion of joint stock bank (+) and to the oil B pressure sensor switch. The light-emitting diode of a tester should not light up.
If the light-emitting diode lights up, replace the oil pressure sensor upon 1,4 bars.
If the light-emitting diode does not light up, start the engine and to raise turns. With a pressure of 1,2-1,6 bars the light-emitting diode has to light up, otherwise replace the oil pressure sensor.
To increase engine turns further. At 2000 min.-1 and temperature of oil of 80 °C the excessive pressure of oil has to make 2,7–4,5 bars.
If preset values are not reached, at big turns pressure of oil has to be no more than 7,0 bars.
If the preset value is not reached:
Check the mesh filter in a maslozaborny branch pipe for existence of pollution.

Mechanical malfunctions and damages, for example malfunction of bearings, can be the cause of too low pressure of oil.

If malfunction is not found, replace the oil pump.
If the nominal rate is exceeded, check oil channels.
If necessary replace an arm of an oil filter with the safety valve.

Inhaling moments
Sensor of pressure of oil and holder of an oil filter: 21 N · m.