2.6.1. Removal and installation of a turbocharger


Fig. 2.54. Engine casing

Remove a casing of the engine (fig. 2.54).
Open a cover of a broad tank of the cooling system.
Merge cooling liquid.

Fig. 2.217. Fastening of the heat-shielding screen

Remove the heat-shielding screen (fig. 2.217).
Turn off a tube of ventilation of a case of the engine from a turbocharger 1.

Fig. 2.218. Turbocharger and tube of ventilation of a case

Disconnect a hose of ventilation of a case of the engine from a cover of GBTs 2 and uncover (fig. 2.218).
Disconnect the highway of an absorber to a turbocharger from GBTs 3 cover.
Turn off the oil giving highway from a turbocharger 4.
Remove the catalyst.
Turn off the giving water hose from a turbocharger.

Fig. 2.44. Bolts of an exhaust pipe of an independent additional heater

In cars with an additional heater unscrew bolts of an exhaust pipe of an independent additional heater from the noise-insulating screen (fig. 2.44).

Fig. 2.45. Fastening of a forward noise isolation

Weaken quick disconnect couplings 1 and 2 and remove a forward noise isolation (fig. 2.45).
Where are available, weaken quick disconnect couplings 3 and remove the back noise-insulating screen.

Fig. 2.51. Air ducts to the intercooler and to a turbocharger

Disconnect вохдуховод 1 to a turbocharger on the right below (fig. 2.51).
Disconnect an air duct to the intercooler from a frame of a radiator 2.

Fig. 2.80. Inlet hose of the air filter / turbocharger and electric sockets

Disconnect electric sockets 1 and 2 and release a cable (fig. 2.80).

Fig. 2.149. Fastening of the giving oil highway of a turbocharger and its support

Turn off the giving oil highway of a turbocharger from the engine 1 (fig. 2.149).
Turn off a bolt 2 support of a turbocharger.
Disconnect the giving oil highway of a turbocharger.

Fig. 2.150. Fastening of the return oil pipeline

Remove the return oil pipeline from a turbocharger (fig. 2.150).

Fig. 2.151. Turbocharger support bolt

Weaken a bolt of 1 support of a turbocharger on 2 turns (fig. 2.151).

Fig. 2.102. Tube of cooling liquid

Disconnect a tube of cooling liquid (fig. 2.102).

Fig. 2.219. Bolts of fastening of a water pipe

Turn off a water pipe 1 (in the presence) from GBTs (fig. 2.219).

The nut of a tightening level can be not turned off.

Turn off the top nuts.
Take a turbocharger and a final collector up.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence.

Laying, sealing rings and the self-stopped nuts it is necessary replace.

Fill in in a turbocharger engine oil through a connecting branch pipe for the giving oil pipeline.
Hoses and hose unions of system of pressurization of air have to be cleared before installation of oils and lubricant.
For fastening of all connections of hoses use collars of the corresponding series.
Install final system and to level it freely.
Fill in cooling liquid.
Check oil level.

After installation of a turbocharger leave the engine to work at single turns (do not increase turns) within 1 minute that be convinced of supply of oil in a turbocharger.

Inhaling moments
* Replace a bolt or a nut.
** Grease adjusting pins of a final collector or a carving of the lyamda-probe with heat-resistant paste.