2.6.11. Check of residual pressure

Check tightness and residual pressure, observing process of reduction of pressure on the device of measurement of pressure.
After 10 min. excessive pressure not less than 3,75 bars has to remain.
If residual pressure falls lower than 3,75 bars of excessive pressure, check the threaded connection between the device of measurement of pressure and the giving fuel-supply line for tightness.
Check the device of measurement of pressure upon tightness.
Check fuel-supply lines and their connections for tightness.
Replace the fuel filter with the built-in regulator of pressure of fuel. In conclusion repeat check.
If the fuel filter is serviceable, replace the fuel pump.
Assembly is carried out in the return sequence.
Switch off ignition.

Before removal of the device of measurement of pressure lower fuel pressure, having opened the locking crane. For this purpose lower an auxiliary hose in a reception vessel.

Again fix the giving fuel-supply line (you watch purity).

Inhaling moment
Fuel-supply line on the fuel distributor: 22H · m.