2.6.13. Replacement of the control unit of the engine

At a rassoyedineniye of sockets of the control unit of the engine from memory the programmed values are removed, contents of memory of malfunctions remain.

Connect a diagnostic complex and set the automobile system "01-Motor-steuergeraet/engine Control unit" in the field of the choice. Ignition has to be included at the same time.

Fig. 2.245. Identification data and coding of control units

On the display of a diagnostic complex identification data and the coding of control units (fig. 2.245) will be displayed.
At first it is necessary to study attentively identification data of control units and to unpack them.
Switch off ignition.
Extend rubber laying of a cover of the water taking away box in the direction specified by an arrow.

Fig. 2.246. A casing of the water taking away box

Remove a casing of the water taking away box 1 (fig. 2.246) forward.
Hook the screw-driver and remove both protective caps 3.
Turn off six-sided nuts 4 on several turns.

Fig. 2.247. Removal of levers of a screen wiper

Having slightly inclined, release levers 2 screen wipers from an axis of a screen wiper (fig. 2.247).
Completely unscrew six-sided nuts and remove screen wiper levers.
Pull together safety clip-on earrings 1 and remove the deflector 5 (fig. 2.247).

Fig. 2.74. Cover of the switching block

Uncover an electrobox on the water taking away box, unscrew screws (fig. 2.74).

Fig. 2.75. Fixing of levers

Carefully raise a fixing collar (fig. 2.75) by means of the screw-driver.

Fig. 2.248. Control unit components

To complicate access to sockets on the engine control unit, this block 1 is fastened by means of a clamp of 2 and srezny screws 3 and 4 to the metal case 5 (fig. 2.248).

In order to avoid damage (combustion) of shtekerny connections and connections of wires, isolation and control units it is necessary strictly observe the given sequence of works.

The carving of both srezny screws 4 (which are fastened not to the engine control unit) is covered with a clamp. therefore for twisting of both screws it is necessary to warm up their carving the industrial hair dryer (fig. 2.248).
The carving of both srezny screws 3 (which are fastened to the engine control unit) is not covered with a clamp. A carving in the case of the control unit it is not allowed and, besides, it is not required to warm up (inadmissible heating of the control unit of the engine).

Fig. 2.249. Adjustment of the industrial hair dryer

Adjust the industrial hair dryer as it is shown in the figure 2.249.
It means that the potentiometer of the regulator of temperature 2 has to be established on the maximum heating, and the two-level switch of intensity of an obduv 3 – in situation 3.

Then heat srezny screws the industrial hair dryer. Thanks to it the braking action of a clamp on a carving of srezny screws stops, and lock screws can be unscrewed, using less efforts.

Cover all painted surfaces to prevent damages from the industrial hair dryer or tightening grips.

Because of heating of srezny screws parts of the protection cover strongly heat up. Do not burn. It is necessary also you watch that only lock screws, but not nearby components whenever possible heated up. If necessary it is necessary to cover them.

Direct a nozzle of the industrial hair dryer on srezny the clamp screw.
Turn on the industrial hair dryer and heat the screw about 20-25 pages.

Fig. 2.250. Twisting of the screw

Then take tightening pincers a screw head and unscrew its (fig. 2.250).
Actions when untwisting the second screw similar.
Both srezny screws which are fastened to the engine control unit should not be warmed up. They should be unscrewed without heating.
After that it is possible to separate the control unit of the engine and the protection cover.

Fig. 2.251. Connecting sockets of the control unit of the engine

Release shtekerny latches and remove connecting sockets 1 and 2 from the control unit of the engine (fig. 2.251).
Take the old control unit of the engine and insert new.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence. Surely install the protection cover of the control unit of the engine. Use new srezny screws.
After installation of the new control unit of the engine it is necessary to perform the following works.
To activate the engine control unit in "The conducted search of malfunctions" during the "Motorsteuergeraet ersetzen (replace the engine control unit)" check / function.