2.6.2. Removal and installation of the vacuum block of a turbocharger

Remove a turbocharger.

Fig. 2.220. Lock plate of the lever of a turbocharger

Remove a lock plate 1 via the lever of a turbocharger (fig. 2.220).
Turn off a lock-nut 2.
Disconnect draft from a turbocharger 3.

Fig. 2.221. A draft detachment from a turbocharger

Remove the vacuum block 1 from a turbocharger of 4 (fig. 2.221).

Installation is carried out in the return sequence.
Establish a turbocharger.

Inhaling moments
The vacuum block to a turbocharger: 10 N · m.
Lock-nut to draft: 9 * N · m.

* Grease a lock-nut with a carving varnish.