2.6.22. Check of amount of the fuel given by the fuel pump (atomobil from the 4th the cylinder FSI engine)

Check conditions
The minimum voltage of the accumulator is 12,5 Century.
The fuel filter has to be serviceable.
The fuel tank has to be filled not less than on 1/4.
Ignition is switched off.

Procedure for test
Open a cover of the block of safety locks on the left side of the dashboard.
Take out a safety lock from a block of safety locks (the left row, the 5th big safety lock from above).
Connect remote control by means of an adaptor cable to the right plug of a socle.
Connect the tightening plug to the plug (+) joint stock bank of the car.
Turn off a cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank.
Remove an engine casing.

The fuel system is under pressure. Before opening of system wrap up pure rags a junction. Then, slowly turning off a junction, pit pressure.

Fig. 2.277. The giving fuel-supply line

Disconnect the giving pipeline 1 from the place of its connection to the engine (fig. 2.277).

Fig. 2.243. Installation of the device of measurement of pressure with adapters

Connect the manometer by means of adapters to the giving fuel-supply line (fig. 2.243).
Connect an auxiliary hose to the manometer and lower other end in a measured vessel.
Open the locking crane of the manometer. The lever has to be turned in the direction of a stream.
Create preliminary pressure in fuel system, having pressed for this purpose the switch of remote control and slowly closing the locking crane of the manometer.
Preset value: excessive pressure is 4 bars.
After that do not change position of the crane.
Empty a measured vessel.
Press the switch of remote control and hold it pressed during 15 pages.

Fig. 2.275. The chart of the minimum volume of the fuel given by fuel knot

Compare the received fuel volume to the minimum volume on the chart (cm3/15 c) (fig. 2.275).

Tension on the fuel pump at the idle engine and the working pump is about 2 V lower than tension of joint stock bank.

Assembly is carried out in the return sequence, at the same time it is necessary to execute the following.
Establish a fuel-supply line.

Inhaling moment
Fuel-supply line to the fuel distributor: 22 N · m.