2.6.26. Pumping of fuel from a tank

Operating procedure
Take away an accumulator cover to the right and remove it, lifting up.

Observe precautionary measures at a detachment of plugs of the rechargeable battery.

Disconnect a weight wire from joint stock bank at the switched-off ignition.

Attach a wire of mass of the device for pumping of fuel to the pure unpainted place of a body.

Remove a conic nozzle 2 from the handle of 1 device for fuel pumping.

Fig. 2.256. Removal of a cover of the accumulator

Paste on a hose for pumping an insulating tape piece at mm A=1865 distance from its end (fig. 2.256).
Turn off a cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank.

Fig. 2.259. The scheme of pumping of fuel from a tank

Fasten the handle of 1 device for pumping of fuel to a jellied mouth of the fuel tank (fig. 2.259).
Lower the pumping-out hose in the fuel tank so that earlier made tag was at the handle.

When using of the pumping-out device without handle work is performed similarly.

In this case paste a tag to the pumping-out hose at mm A=1800 distance from its end. The hose for pumping of fuel is inserted correctly if the pasted tag is at the level of an edge of a jellied mouth (fig. 2.259).
If the hose passes hardly, slightly oil it engine. Do not use for this purpose silikonsoderzhashchy lubricant at all
Pump out as much as possible fuel from a tank through a jellied mouth.
Carefully pull out a hose.
Remove a back seat.

Fig. 2.284. Fastening of a deaf flange

Turn off a cover of a deaf flange (fig. 2.284) on the right.

Fig. 2.285. A plug detachment from a deaf flange

Disconnect the plug from a deaf flange (fig. 2.285).

The fuel system is under pressure.
Before opening of system wrap up pure rags a junction. Then, slowly turning off a junction, pit pressure.

Disconnect a fuel-supply line 1 from a deaf flange.

Fig. 2.286. Fuel-supply lines

On cars with an autonomous heater besides disconnect a fuel-supply line 2 dosing the pump of an autonomous heater, having pressed for this purpose the button of a clamp (fig. 2.286).

Fig. 2.287. Untwisting of a key ring

Turn off a key ring by means of a mandrel (fig. 2.287).

Fig. 2.288. Extraction of a deaf flange

Take a deaf flange and a sealing ring from an opening of the fuel tank (fig. 2.288).
Disconnect the plug on inside of a deaf flange.

Fig. 2.289. The scheme of installation of the pumping-out hose

Insert the pumping-out hose at mm x=800 length through an opening of the fuel tank on the right into the left camera of the fuel tank (fig. 2.289).
Completely pump out fuel from the left camera of the fuel tank.
Again establish a deaf flange on the right observing instructions concerning connection of joint stock bank.