2.6.4. The general instructions on self-diagnostics of system of injection

The control unit of the engine is equipped with self-diagnostics function. Before repair, and also for search of malfunctions first of all it is necessary to interview memory of malfunctions. It is also necessary to check vacuum hoses and connections (an air suction through thinnesses).
Fuel feeding hoses need to be fixed in a motor compartment only by spring collars. Application of tightening or screw collars is inadmissible.
Excellent job of electric knots requires tension not less than 11,5 Century.
Do not use silikonosoderzhashchy sealants. The traces of silicone components which are soaked up by the engine do not burn down in the engine and damage a lambda probe.
Cars are equipped with the device of interruption in supply of fuel at accident. It has to reduce danger of fire of the car after blow thanks to the fact that the fuel pump is switched-off by means of the relay of the fuel pump.
Along with the help of this device also improvement of parameters of process of launch of the engine is reached. When opening a door of the driver the fuel pump is started on 2 with for creation of pressure in fuel system, at the same time it is necessary to observe security measures.
Before opening of system of injection of high pressure it is necessary to adhere to the following operations procedure surely

Fig. 2.227. Block of safety locks

For safety reasons before opening of fuel system if by joint stock bank it is not disconnected, it is necessary to take out a safety lock of the 28th control unit of the fuel pump as the fuel pump turns on by means of the door switch of illumination of a door of the driver (fig. 2.227).

The safety lock is in a block of safety locks on the dashboard.

By removal of a safety lock 28 plug 30 power supply for the control unit of the fuel pump stops.

The system of injection is divided into a contour of high pressure (at most about 110 bars) and a contour of low pressure (about 6 bars).

Before opening of a contour of high pressure, for example, for removal of the pump of high pressure, a fuel stage, a nozzle, the fuel highway or the sensor of pressure of fuel, it is necessary to reduce fuel pressure to residual pressure прибл. 6 bars. The operations procedure is for this purpose described below.