2.6.5. Decrease in high pressure of fuel

Fig. 2.228. Shtekerny socket of the valve of the regulator of pressure of fuel

Remove the shtekerny socket 2 by means of the adjusting tool from the valve of the regulator of pressure of fuel (fig. 2.228).
Leave the engine to idle прибл. during 10 pages.

By means of removal of the shtekerny socket from the fuel pressure regulator valve idling fuel pressure прибл. from 50 bars decreases прибл. to 6 bars.

Pressure drop of fuel can be observed if the diagnostic tester is connected and the engine control unit is chosen. Then by means of the "Consider the Block of the Measured Sizes" function to choose group of indication 140.
In the field of indication 3 the fuel pressure (the current value) will be displayed.
Switch off ignition.
After decrease in high pressure it is possible to open system of high pressure, for this purpose it is necessary to wrap up pure rags a junction to dump the residual pressure in fuel system making прибл. 7 bars. Collect the following fuel.

If not to disconnect the highway of high pressure immediately, pressure of fuel can increase a little again.

Connect a diagnostic tester and create in the Conducted Search of Malfunctions mode a readiness code in the engine control unit.