2.6.6. Removal and installation of a flowmeter of air

Fig. 2.229. Scheme of installation sites of components of system of injection: 1 – air flowmeter; 2 – lambda probe and heating lambda probe; 3 – a lambda probe after the catalyst and heating a lambda probe 1 after the catalyst; 4 – sensor of temperature of cooling liquid; 5 – the valve 1 for the mechanism of change of phases of gas distribution; 6 – fuel pressure regulator valve; 7 – one-piston pump of high pressure; 8 – fuel pressure sensor, low pressure; 9 – the engine of the gate of an inlet collector with a potentiometer of the gate of an inlet collector; 10 – engine speed sensor; 11 – 6-contact shtekerny connection; 12 – 6-contact shtekerny connection; 13 – the electromagnetic valve 1 for an absorber with absorbent carbon; 14 – engine control unit; 15 – pressurization pressure sensor; 16 – control unit of a butterfly valve, drive of a butterfly valve (electric management of gas); 17 – the sensor of temperature of the soaked-up air; 18 – fuel pressure sensor; 19 – Hall's sensor (sensor of position of the camshaft); 20 – ignition coils with powerful terminal steps; 21 – perepuskny air valve of a turbocharger; 22 – electromagnetic valve of restriction of pressure of pressurization


Fig. 2.230. Electric plug of a flowmeter of air

Disconnect the electric plug 1 from a flowmeter of air (fig. 2.230).
Unscrew both screws of an air duct on a radiator frame.

Fig. 2.2. Air duct

Remove an air duct 2 from the case of the air filter (fig. 2.2).
Open a clip of a hose of the air duct going to a turbocharger and to pull together a hose from an air flowmeter.
Turn off both screws of fastening on an air flowmeter.
Carefully extend an air flowmeter from a guide of the case of the air filter.

For trouble-free operation of a flowmeter of air important observe the following instructions and an operating procedure.

At strong pollution or saturation by moisture of the filtering element of the air filter of a part of dirt or moisture can get to a flowmeter of air and distort results of measurements of a consumption of air. It will lead to loss of power as calculation of smaller volume of injection of fuel is carried out.
Use only the original filtering element of the air filter.
For installation of a hose of an air duct use lubricant (without silicone).
For fastening of all connections of hoses use collars of the corresponding series.

Check a flowmeter of air and a hose of an air duct (the party of clean air) for lack of salt deposits, dirt and leaves.
Check the soaking-up channel to the filtering element of the air filter for dirt availability. If dirt is found, clear the case of the air filter (top and lower speak rapidly) from deposits of salt, dirt and leaves (if necessary to wash out or clear the vacuum cleaner).
Further installation is carried out in the return sequence.