2.7.1. Separation of the additional and main muffler

For separate replacement of the additional or main muffler on a connecting pipe the place of a section is provided.
The place of a section is designated on an exhaust pipe by a vyshtampovanny flute on pipe perimeter.

Operating procedure

Fig. 2.292. Places of a section of exhaust pipes

Cut exhaust pipes in the place of a section perpendicularly by means of a chain truborez (fig. 2.292).

Fig. 2.293. Installation of tightening collars

At installation arrange tightening collars 1 and 2 coaxially to a section (fig. 2.293).

Fig. 2.294. Scheme of installation of tightening collars

Establish tightening collars so that the ends of bolts did not go beyond bottom edge of a collar (fig. 2.294).
Threaded connections are directed outside.
Level reception pipes freely.
Evenly tighten threaded connections of tightening collars the moment of 23 N · m.