2.8.18. Check of a compression

Operating procedure
Temperature of the min. engine oil is 30 °C.
Voltage of the accumulator is at least 12,5 Century.
Switch off ignition.
Remove back facing of the engine.
Remove forward facing of the engine.
Turn off a broad tank of the cooling system.
Disconnect the shtekerny socket of the switch of a signaling device of low level of cooling liquid in the bottom of a broad tank and put a broad tank with the connected hoses aside.
Disconnect the reducing valve 1 from an air hose.

Fig. 2.329. Reducing valve

Remove an air hose, for this purpose weaken a collar 2 and unblock clamps (fig. 2.329).
Unscrew bolts.

Fig. 2.2. Air duct

Remove air ducts of 1 and 2 (fig. 2.2).

Fig. 2.326. Components of system of gas distribution: 1 – Hall's sensor 2; 2 – valve 2 adjustments of phases of gas distribution; 3 – valve 2 systems of regulation of phases of gas distribution, release; 4 – Hall's sensor 4

Unscrew bolts and disconnect shtekerny sockets of coils of ignition on the left GBTs (fig. 2.326).

Poses. 1–4 do not consider.

Unscrew bolts and disconnect shtekerny sockets of coils of ignition on the right GBTs.

Poses. 1–5 do not consider.

Fig. 2.379. A stripper for ignition coils

Remove ignition coils by means of a stripper (fig. 2.379).
Disconnect behind on the left GBTs the shtekerny socket going to injection nozzles.

Poses. 1 and 2 do not consider.

Fig. 2.380. Shtekerny socket of nozzles of injection

Disconnect behind on the right GBTs the shtekerny socket 1 going to nozzles of injection (fig. 2.380).
Unscrew spark plugs a candle key.
Check a compression by means of a kompressometr.

The assistant has to squeeze out completely a pedal of an accelerator and scroll a starter until компрессометр does not cease to show growth of pressure.


Assembly is carried out in the return sequence.
Screw spark plugs.
In conclusion it is necessary to interview memory of malfunctions and, if necessary, to remove mistakes. After removal of mistakes from memory of malfunctions it is necessary to activate the Conducted Search of Malfunctions mode and to create a code of readiness (Readinesscode) in the engine control unit.

Inhaling moment
Hose collars, width are 9 mm:
3 N · m.