2.8.20. Replacement of oil scraper caps

Operating procedure
Remove camshafts.
Mark an arrangement of roller levers and basic elements for further installation.
Take roller levers together with basic elements and put them on a pure lining.
Unscrew spark plugs a candle key.
Establish a mandrel on a plate of a valvate spring and beat out the got stuck checks of valves the plastic hammer.

Fig. 2.386. Installation of the directing plate from the device for installation checks of the valve for GBTs

Establish the directing plate from the device for installation checks of the valve for GBTs (fig. 2.386).
Fix the directing plate by bolts with a nakatka.
Twist by hand the adapter with a sealing ring in a nest of the corresponding spark plug and to constantly force pressure.
Minimum pressure: 6 bars of excessive pressure.
Twist adaptation with a suspended fork in the directing plate.
Insert an adjusting cartridge into the directing plate.

Fig. 2.387. Cave-in of the adjusting boss

Suspend a fork on adaptation and press an adjusting cartridge (fig. 2.387) down.
At the same time turn a bolt with a nakatka of the adjusting boss to the right until the ends are included into checks of the valve.
Slightly turn a bolt with a nakatka forward and back, at the expense of it crackers of the valve are unclenched and the boss is captured.
Release a press fork.
Take an adjusting cartridge.
Turn off the directing plate and take aside.
The hose of the forced air remains attached.
Remove a valvate spring with a plate.

Fig. 2.388. Removal of an oil scraper cap

Remove oil scraper caps by means of a stripper (fig. 2.388).
If because of a lack of the place the stripper supply to oil scraper caps is not possible, for this purpose

Fig. 2.173. Vypressovka of a pin and removal of a nozzle

to vypressuyta a tension pin of a stripper a mandrel also remove a nozzle of a stripper (fig. 2.173).
Put the lower part to an oil scraper cap.

Fig. 2.389. Fixing of an oil scraper cap by means of a mandrel

Record by means of a mandrel or a tap 1 as it is shown in the figure 2.389.
Install the adjusting lever on and take an oil scraper cap.

Fig. 2.175. Installation of a new oil scraper cap

The plastic plug A (fig. 2.175) is included in the package of new oil scraper caps.

Install the plastic plug A on a valve core in order to avoid damages of new oil scraper caps of Century.
Slightly grease a working edge of an oil scraper cap.
Get an oil scraper cap on the plastic plug.
Accurately press a cap with the help on the directing valve plug.
Again remove the plastic plug.

Fig. 2.176. Adjusting adaptation

After extraction the check of the valve from the adjusting boss at first them needs to be inserted into adjusting adaptation (fig. 2.176).
Bigger diameter checks of the valve is directed up.
Establish a valvate spring and a plate.

Fig. 2.390. Narrow rounds of a spring

Narrow rounds of a spring are directed to GBTs (fig. 2.390).
Again fasten the directing plate to GBTs.
Establish an adjusting cartridge in the directing plate.
Press a press fork down and unscrew a bolt with a nakatka up – thus checks of valves (fig. 2.387) are inserted.
Unload a press fork at even the extended bolt with a knurled head.
You watch that all roller levers were correctly attached to the ends of cores of valves and zaklipsovana in the corresponding basic element.
Establish cam-shafts.
Screw spark plugs.

After installation of cam-shafts the engine it have to is impossible to bring Gidrokompensatora within about 30 min. to be besieged (otherwise valves will be adjoin to pistons).

After works on the valvate mechanism scroll the engine by hand not less than two turns that be convinced that any valve does not adjoin to the piston.