2.8.21. Check of basic elements with hydrocompensators

Basic elements with hydrocompensators are not subject to repair.

The irregular knock of valves at start of the engine is normal.

Operating procedure
Start the engine and wait until the fan of a radiator turns on at least once.
Raise turns for 2 min. up to 2500 min.-1, if necessary carry out a trial trip.

If the irregular knock of valves vanishes, but at trips on short distances appears again, it is necessary to replace the oil reducing valve.
If noise of basic elements with hydrocompensators does not vanish, it is necessary to define faulty basic.

Uncover GBTs.
Turn the crankshaft that the cam of the checked basic element settled down above.

Cars with the mechanical transmission
With the included 4th transfer and the switched-off ignition to advance.

Cars with the multitronic check point
Turn a bent shaft for the central bolt of a pulley of a poliklinovy belt clockwise.
Define a gap between a cam and the roller lever.

Fig. 2.391. Definition of a gap between a cam and the roller lever

Press on the roller lever the screw-driver (fig. 2.391) down.
If between a cam-shaft and the roller lever the probe 0,20 mm thick enters:
Replace a basic element.

After installation of cam-shafts the engine it have to is impossible to bring Gidrokompensatora within about 30 min. to be besieged (otherwise valves will be adjoin to pistons).

After works on the valvate mechanism scroll the engine by hand not less than two turns to be convinced that any valve does not adjoin to the piston.

Sizes of valves

It is forbidden to process inlet and final valves. Only grinding in is allowed.