2.8.3. Removal and installation of a damper of tortional fluctuations

Various dampers of tortional fluctuations are intended for different engines.


Fig. 2.302. Forward facing of the engine

Remove forward facing of the engine (fig. 2.302).
Unscrew bolts.

Fig. 2.2. Air duct

Remove air ducts of 1 and 2 (fig. 2.2).

Fig. 2.41. Fuel hoses, unions and tightening arm collar

On cars with an autonomous heater unscrew bolts of an exhaust pipe of an autonomous / additional heater on the noise-insulating screen (fig. 2.41).

Fig. 2.45. Fastening of a forward noise isolation

Turn off clamps 1 and 2 and remove the forward noise-insulating screen (fig. 2.45). The back noise-insulating screen remains established.
Remove facing of a front bumper.
Bring a radiator frame into service situation.

Fig. 2.303. Weakening of a tension of a poliklinovy belt

For weakening of a poliklinovy belt move a natyazhitel in the direction of an arrow (fig. 2.303).
Take off poliklinovy a belt and unload a natyazhitel.
Mark the provision of a damper of tortional fluctuations for repeated installation.

Fig. 2.305. Bolts of fastening of a damper of tortional fluctuations

Unscrew bolts of 1 (fig. 2.305).
Remove a damper of tortional fluctuations.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence,
Establish poliklinovy a belt.
Establish a radiator frame with hinged details.
Establish facing of a front bumper.

Inhaling moment
Damper of tortional fluctuations to a bent shaft: 30 N · m.