2.8.4. Removal and installation of a forward sealing flange of the crankshaft with a crankshaft epiploon


Fig. 2.306. Removal of a damper of tortional fluctuations

Remove a damper of tortional fluctuations (fig. 2.306).
Turn off a pulley of the belt drive from the water pump.
For untwisting of bolts as a countersupport use a tsapfovy key.
Unscrew bolts.

Fig. 2.307. Fastening of a forward sealing flange

Remove a forward sealing flange (fig. 2.307).

Remove old sealant from a flute of a sealing flange, and also from landing surfaces.
Remove the sealant remains from a sealing flange and the block of cylinders, and also from the oil pallet, for example, with the rotating brush nozzle with a plastic bristle.
Clear landing surfaces; on them there should not be an oil and lubricant.
Cut off a tube nose on a forward mark (diameter an opening about 2 mm).

Fig. 2.308. Filling of a flute of a landing surface with sealant

You apply silicone sealant on a pure landing surface of a sealing flange as it is shown in the figure 2.308.
The flute of a landing surface has to be filled with sealant.
The roller of sealant has to act over a landing surface on 1,5–2,0 mm.

The roller of sealant has to be not thicker than the specified sizes, otherwise excess sealant can get to the oil pallet and litter the mesh filter of the oil pump.

The sealing flange has to be established within 5 min. after putting sealant.

Fig. 2.309. Scheme of installation of the adjusting tool

Install the adjusting tool on the expansion plug and get a sealing flange 1 on the expansion plug (fig. 2.309).
Take the adjusting tool.

Fig. 2.310. Installation of a flange on the crankshaft

Install a sealing flange 1 with the inserted expansion plug on the crankshaft (fig. 2.310).
Twirl bolts step by step cross-wise (fig. 2.307).
Further installation is carried out in the return sequence.
Establish a damper of tortional fluctuations.
Establish poliklinovy a belt.
Establish a radiator frame with hinged details.
Establish facing of a front bumper.

Inhaling moments
Forward sealing flange to the block of cylinders * – 9 N · m.
Pulley of the belt drive to the water pump – 20 N · m.
* Tighten step by step cross-wise.