2.8.5. Removal and installation of a two-mass flywheel (cars from the manual transmission)

Fig. 2.311. Components of a two-mass flywheel: 1 – two-mass flywheel; 2 – special bolt; 3 – needle bearing; 4 – a crankshaft epiploon from the chain drive; 5 – bent shaft

Remove the check point.
Remove press a clutch plate.
Mark the provision of a two-mass flywheel in relation to the engine.

Fig. 2.312. Installation of a clamp on a two-mass flywheel

Use a clamp for untwisting of bolts (fig. 2.312).

Fig. 2.121. Provorachivany two-mass flywheel

That do not allow damage of a two-mass flywheel at removal, bolts In cannot be unscrewed a pneumatic vintovert (fig. 2.121). It is allowed to unscrew bolts only by hand.

Turn a two-mass flywheel And so that bolts rose on the center concerning openings (fig. 2.121).
You watch when twisting bolts that there was no bedding of heads of bolts on a two-mass flywheel, otherwise the flywheel will be damaged when twisting bolts.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence.

The needle bearing is located in a flywheel, when replacing a flywheel it should be pressed.
For fastening use new bolts.

Rearrange a clamp for twisting of bolts.
Establish press a clutch plate.
Establish the check point.

Inhaling moments
Flywheel to the crankshaft:
– length of bolts is 22,5 mm * – 60 N · m +90 ° **
– length of bolts is 35,0 mm * – 60 N · m +180 ° ***
– length of bolts is 43,0 mm * – 60 N · m +180 ° ***
* Replace bolts.
** 90 ° there correspond quarters of a turn.
*** 180 ° correspond to a half of a turn.