2.9.11. Removal and installation of a chain of auxiliary drives

Fig. 2.452. Components of a chain of auxiliary drives: 1 – bolt of 10 N · m; 2 – natyazhitel of a chain; 3 – bolt of 42 N · m; 4 – washer; 5 – bolts of a cover of the bearing of an intermediate asterisk; 6 – intermediate asterisk of a chain of the auxiliary drive; 7 – bolt of 10 N · m; 8 – basic arm of an intermediate asterisk; 9 – chain of auxiliary drives; 10 – bent shaft; 11 – leading asterisk of the auxiliary drive; 12 – bolt of 62 N · m

Put the device for pumping of oil under the engine and merge engine oil.
Remove the engine.
Disconnect the engine from the transmission.
Leave the engine on a lifting table or fix it at the adjusting stand.
Uncover drive chains.

Fig. 2.453. Fixing of a natyazhitel drill

Move a level of an uspokoitel of a natyazhitel of a driving chain in the direction of an arrow and record a natyazhitel of a chain a drill with a diameter of 3,3 mm of poses. 1 (fig. 2.453).

If it is necessary to remove an asterisk of auxiliary drives, then before removal of a chain it is necessary to weaken a fixing bolt.

Designate paint the direction of the movement of a chain of auxiliary drives.
Unscrew bolts 2–5 and remove a natyazhitel of a chain.
Remove a chain of auxiliary drives.

Install components in the return sequence.
Put on a chain of auxiliary drives.
Install a natyazhitel of a chain on the engine, beginning from above.
Establish covers of chains of the drive.
Install the engine.
Fill in engine oil and check its level.

Inhaling moment
Natyazhitel of a chain to the block of cylinders: 10 N · m.
Carving stopper of a masloslivny opening: 50 N · m.