2.9.3. Removal and installation of a damper of tortional fluctuations

Bring a radiator frame into service situation.

For an otvorachivaniye and an inhaling of a damper of fluctuations to hold with a cap key a belt for the central nut of a belt pulley of the generator.

Fig. 2.396. Fixing bolts of a quencher of tortional fluctuations

On several turns weaken 8 fixing bolts of a quencher of tortional fluctuations (fig. 2.396).

Before removal of a poliklinovy belt mark the direction of the course with chalk or a felt-tip pen. Change of the direction of the course of earlier operated belt can lead to its damage.

Turn off the tension screw and take off poliklinovy a belt.
Remove a damper of tortional fluctuations.

Establish in the return sequence.

Replace bolts which dragged on with dovoroty.
The quencher of tortional fluctuations is established only in one situation – pay attention to unloading plugs.

Establish a poliklinovy belt.
Establish a radiator frame by means of Ustanovkany details.
Lower an emphasis against a provorachivaniye at the expense of a body weight on the rubber buffer and fasten bolts.
Establish a casing of a front bumper.
Check adjustment of headlights.

Inhaling moments
Damper of tortional fluctuations to the crankshaft: 22 N · m +45 ° *.
Emphasis of a support of jet thirst for a radiator frame **: 28 N · m.
* 45 ° there correspond 1/8 turns.
** Replace bolts.