2.9.5. Removal and installation of a two-mass flywheel

Remove press a clutch plate.
Mark the party of a flywheel turned to the engine.

Fig. 2.321. Epiploon press fitting

Establish a key for fixing for untwisting of bolts (fig. 2.321).

Fig. 2.112. Installation of the central bolt in the crankshaft

Not to allow damage of a two-mass flywheel at removal, bolts In cannot be unscrewed a pneumatic vintovert (fig. 2.112). It is allowed to unscrew bolts only by hand.

Turn a two-mass flywheel And so that bolts rose on the center concerning openings.
You watch when twisting bolts that there was no bedding of heads of bolts on a two-mass flywheel, otherwise the flywheel will be damaged when twisting bolts.

Establish in the return sequence, at the same time it is necessary consider the following.

The needle bearing is located in a flywheel, when replacing a flywheel it should be pressed.
For fastening use new bolts.

Establish a key for fixing for an inhaling of bolts.
Establish press a clutch plate.

Inhaling moment
Two-mass flywheel to the crankshaft:
– length of bolts * 22,5 mm: 60 N · m +90 ° **
* Replace bolts.
** 90 ° correspond to one quarter of a whole revolution.