2.9.7. Removal and installation of the conducted disk

Fig. 2.402. Components of the conducted disk: 1 – the conducted disk; 2 – podkladny washer; 3 – special bolt; 4 – compensation washer; 5 – a crankshaft epiploon from the chain drive; 6 – bent shaft


Fig. 2.316. Installation of a clamp on the conducted disk

Mark the party of the conducted disk and podkladny washer turned to the engine (fig. 2.316).
Establish a key for fixing for untwisting of bolts.
Turn off the conducted disk.

Establish in the return sequence, at the same time it is necessary consider the following.
Establish the conducted disk with a podkladny washer.
For fastening use new bolts.
Establish a key for fixing for an inhaling of bolts.

Inhaling moment
The conducted disk to коленвалу*: 30 N · m + 90 ° **
* Replace bolts.
** 90 ° correspond to one quarter of a whole revolution.