3.2.8. Removal and installation of a pillow of the transmission


Fig. 3.1. Fastening of a noise isolation

Weaken clamps 3 (in the presence) and remove the back noise-insulating screen B (fig. 3.1).

Fig. 3.70. Tightening collars of system of release of OG

Disconnect system of release of OG from a tightening collar (fig. 3.70).

Fig. 3.71. Installation of a wooden pro-rate

Lower the check point the elevator of the power unit. Enclose a wooden pro-rate 1 between the check point and the elevator of the check point (fig. 3.71).

Fig. 3.72. Fastening of the cross lever

At first turn off bolts 3, then bolts 2 cross levers (fig. 3.72).
Slightly lower the check point.
Turn off both nuts 1 and not up to the end remove the cross lever.
Turn off a check point pillow.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence.

Fig. 3.73. Fastening of a pillow of the check point

Establish a check point pillow at the check point (fig. 3.73).
Tighten bolts taking into account the inhaling moment.
Tighten the cross lever to a pillow KPP 1.
Raise the check point until it is impossible to screw bolts of 2 (fig. 3.72).
Previously wrap bolts 2, then bolts of 3 (fig. 3.72).
Level elements of system of release of OG without tension.
Install the noise-insulating screen under the check point.

Inhaling moments
Check point pillow to the check point: 23 N · m.
The cross lever to a check point pillow: 23 N · m.
Tightening collar of a reception pipe: 40 N · m.