3.3.11. Adjustment of the lock

It agrees below to the provided instructions there is no need to remove the average console.
Cut an adjusting template of the lock by a back part of a groove a grinding wheel.

Operating procedure
Lower an adjustable steering column up to the end down and remove back to a driver's seat against the stop.
Remove the panel of the drive of inclusion of transfers.
Remove an ashtray of the average console
Weaken a bolt 1.

Fig. 3.105. Removal of the lock: 1 – lock

The support 2 locks has to move by hand (fig. 3.105).
Insert an adjusting template of the lock between a finger of the lever of the lock and an eye of the lock.
Pull for the lock and wrap a bolt the moment of 9 N · m.
Remove an adjusting template.
Check blocking of the ignition key after each adjustment of the lock.

Inhaling moment
The lock to a support: 9 N · m.