3.3.4. The general instructions for carrying out repair

At work with KP follow rules on purity maintenance.
It is impossible to start the engine at uncovered or, without having made ATF gas station, and it is impossible to tow the car.
Establish only pure details: take out spare details from packing directly only before installation.
After installation check oil level, if necessary refuel: ATF in a planetary reducer and gearbox oil in forward main transfer.

Sealing rings, cuffs, consolidations
Surely replace sealing rings, cuffs, consolidations.
After removal of consolidations check a prileganiye surface to the case or a shaft for existence of the zadir or damages formed as a result of carrying out dismantle.
Before assembly carefully clear the surfaces of the socket of the case.
For installation grease with a thin layer of ATF external and working edges of cuffs.
In avoidance a smyatiya of sealing rings at installation oil their ATF.
In a zone of ATF oil to apply only ATF. Other lubricant means put damages to system of hydraulic management of KP.
The open party of cuffs is turned to the condensed liquid.
Press a new cuff so that its working edge was not in the place of an old cuff (use the admission on press fitting depth).
After installation check oil level, if necessary refuel: ATF in a planetary reducer or gearbox oil in forward main transfer.

Bolts, nuts
Weaken bolts in the return sequence of an inhaling.
Tighten bolts or nuts for fixing of covers or cases in several stages according to the set sequence of an inhaling or a method.
Weaken or tighten bolts or nuts for fixing of covers or cases cross-wise in several stages, without observing the sequence of an inhaling.
The moments of an inhaling are set only for ungreased by oil of bolts and nuts.
Always replace самоконтрящиеся bolts and nuts.
Clear a wire brush a carving of bolts which were twirled with application of a carving varnish. Then screw bolts, using at the same time a liquid carving varnish.
It is necessary to clear carving openings in which were screwed самоконтрящиеся bolts or bolts with application of a carving varnish (for example, a tap). Otherwise it is possible to break bolts when carrying out the subsequent dismantle.

Lock elements
Do not draw lock rings.
Always replace the damaged or drawn lock rings.
Lock rings have to adjoin to a flute bottom.

Install needle bearings by the marked party (bigger thickness) to a small beard.
Install bearings, depending on assembly situation oiling them gearbox or ATF oil.
Do not mix in places external and internal rings of identical bearings.
Always replace conic roller bearings which are on one shaft in a set and use bearings of one producer.

Adjusting washers
Measure adjusting washers in several places by a micrometer. Various admissions allow to measure the required washer thickness precisely.
Check for existence of agnails or damages. Establish only high-quality washers.

The conducted search of malfunctions
Before carrying out installation works it is necessary surely carry out the conducted search of malfunctions by the diagnostic VAS 5051 A complex.

ATF oil exit in a coupling case zone

Fig. 3.83. Bolt of fastening of a ventilating tube of ATF

If there was an ATF oil exit from a control opening behind a ventilating tube of ATF A at the level of a bolt In, then it means that KP is damaged and it needs to be replaced (fig. 3.83).