3.4.2. Repair of the external hinge of equal angular speeds

Removal of the external CV JOINT
Clamp a power shaft in a vice with soft inserts.
Remove a collar and shift a corrugated casing back.

Fig. 3.114. Vypressovka SHRUSA from a power shaft

Press twist the screw 3207 with a carving of M16/M14 in a hinge finger until the CV JOINT is not выпрессован from a power shaft (fig. 3.114).
Remove a key ring.
Install the external CV JOINT.
Establish a protective cover of the hinge on a power shaft.
The boot of the hinge and seat have to be fat-free.
Establish a new lock ring.
Surely replace a key ring (a spring lock ring).
Enclose in the hinge 50 g of lubricant for a power shaft.

Fig. 3.111. A facet on an asterisk of the Tripod hinge

Before montazhy the hinge or an asterisk of the tripoidny hinge teeths And need to be covered with a thin layer of the lubricant used for the hinge (fig. 3.111).

Fig. 3.115. Installation of an old bolt of the driveshaft

Twist an old bolt of the driveshaft, as shown in the figure 3.115, in a hinge holder.
Get the hinge the plastic hammer on a power shaft to a zashchelkivaniye of a key ring.
Apply 50 g of lubricant for the driveshaft in the hinge on the party of a cover.
Let out the air from a protective cover of the hinge.
Close a collar.

Check of the external CV JOINT
The hinge needs to be disassembled for replacement of lubricant at strong pollution, and also for check of the surfaces contacting to balls regarding wear and pitting.
Before dismantling note an arrangement of an internal holder in relation to a separator and the case the engraving machine or an oselok.

Fig. 3.118. Components of the pro-minted tripoidny AAR 2600i or 3300i hinge: 1 – collar; 2 – boot of the Tripod hinge; 3 – collar; 4 – lock ring; 5 – dish-shaped spring; 6 – expansion ring (plastic); 7 – lock ring; 8 – The CV JOINT is external; 9 – bolt; 10 – collar; 11 – boot of the external CV JOINT; 12 – collar; 13 – power shaft; 14 – lock ring; 15 – asterisk of the tripoidny hinge; 16 – lock ring; 17 – a bolt with an internal polyhedron; 18 – hinge element

Turn a holder and a separator (fig. 3.118).

Fig. 3.116. Extraction of balls from a separator holder

In turn take balls.

Fig. 3.117. Installation of a holder

Establish a separator with a holder so that two rectangular cuts of a separator coincided with ledges on an external holder of the CV JOINT (in a hinge case opening) (fig. 3.117).
Take a holder and a separator.
Turn a holder so that her speaker a segment entered a rectangular cut of a separator.
Take a holder from a separator.
All 6 balls of each hinge have the identical nominal size and the admission. Check vents, a separator, a holder and balls for existence of deepenings (pitting) and traces of intensive wear. In the hinge points emergence of knock when passing turns to increase in a side play. In such cases the hinge needs to be replaced. The matting of a surface of balls and existence of paths from them are not the reason for replacement of the hinge.
Insert a holder and a separator into the hinge case.
Establish balls a cross crosswise. At assembly establish a holder in relation to a separator according to the put tags.