4.1.5. Compound disks

Compound disks consist of several details.
The rim and disk of a wheel are the most important. These details fasten to each other special bolts with use of special technology. Thanks to it density, safety and accuracy of rotation of a wheel without radial beating is ensured. In the conditions of auto repair shop or the authorized station implementation of these important requirements cannot be guaranteed.

It is forbidden to sort or repair compound disks.

Light-alloy wheels with replaceable decorative elements
These disks are equipped with replaceable decorative elements. At installation to observe the following instructions.
Before screwing of new wheel bolts clear a carving in a disk.

Fig. 4.1. Decorative element of a disk: 1 – decorative element; 2 – bolts with an internal hexagon

Use new bolts (fig. 4.1).
The inhaling moment самоконтрящихся bolts with an internal hexagon: 5 N · m.