4.1. Wheels and tires

General information on wheels and tires
Specifications for re-equipment of disks and tires
Indexes of speed of tires
Marking on disks
Compound disks
Wear and hodimost of tires
Wear of high-speed tires
Service of tires
Evenly worn-out tires
Measurement of height of the drawing of a protector
Unilateral wear
Diagonal uneven wear
Noise of swing of tires
Radial and side beating of wheels and tires
Check of a radial and side beating of a disk with the tire by means of the indicator of hour type for tires V.A.G 1435
Side withdrawal of the car
Elimination of side withdrawal
Damages of tires
Design of the radial tire
Loss of pressure of air in tires
Damages of tires because of mistakes when mounting (assembly damages)
Marking of a sidewall of the tire
Shift of wheels
Instructions on replacement and installation of wheels
Change of tires
Removal and installation of the case of the metal gate