4.2.5. Check of shock-absorbers at the damping stand

At the damping stand shock-absorbers can be checked without their removal from the car. Shock-absorbing action is estimated on the basis of a deviation of an arrow or expression.

Necessary conditions
Temperature is 10–40 °C.
The driver is in the car.
Pressure in tires has to be normal
It is necessary to drive on the stand so that wheels rose directly and on the center of platforms for wheels.
Bring forward wheels into situation for the movement directly.
The emergency brake should not be tightened, do not press a foot brake.

Boundary values
Shock-absorbing action can be sufficient or insufficient

Intermediate values at the reduced shock-absorbing action are not defined.
Predicting of the remaining expiration date is not allowed.

The measured values removed at operation of a spring to a release are incorrect.

Fig. 4.37. Scheme of check of shock-absorbing action

The following values belong only to the stands which are listed above. Excess of the specified values means that operation of shock-absorbers is weakened so that their replacement (fig. 4.37) is recommended.

Boundary value = 70.
"a" = more than 70: shock-absorbing action is not enough.
"a" = less than 70: shock-absorbing action is enough.
That, the kakaky combination of dampers is established on the car, it is specified by the corresponding number PR on the information plate of the car.
Boundary a values are given in mm.

If the shown value is more than boundary "a" (tabular value), shock-absorbing action is insufficient – the shock-absorber should be replaced.
If the shown value is less than boundary "a" (tabular value), shock-absorbing action is enough – the shock-absorber does not need to be replaced.