4.3.14. Removal and installation of the stabilizer

Remove a noise-insulating board:

Fig. 4.56. Compression of the hinge of the top levers

Unscrew the screw 2 (fig. 4.56).

Fig. 4.101. Fastening of the stabilizer

Turn off six-sided nuts of 2 (fig. 4.101).
Remove the stabilizer

The stabilizer and support have to be fat-free.

When replacing the stabilizer pay attention to execution of a running gear.

Twist new nuts 2, but do not tighten (fig. 4.101).
Tighten the new screw 2 (fig. 4.56).
Tighten nuts 2 with the moment of 25 N · m.
Establish a noise-insulating casing.