4.3.4. Repair of a depreciation rack

Explanations of production designations (PR.-№)
That, the kakaky combination of dampers is established on the car, it is specified by the corresponding number PR on the information plate of the car.
Example of the plate with data of the car:
A – PR.-№ of a forward suspension bracket
In – PR.-№ of a back suspension bracket
The sticker with data on the car is in a niche for a spare wheel and in the service book.
By means of PR.-№ in the catalog of spare parts the necessary combination of shock-absorbers is chosen.

Fig. 4.59. The plate with data of the car

Fig. 4.60. Number PR codes

PR.-№ of executions of a running gear see in the figure 4.60.
1BA – a standard running gear;
1BE – a sports running gear (is 20 mm lower, than 1BA);
1BD – a sports running gear of S4;
1BR – comfort – a running gear for bad roads (is 13 mm higher, than 1BA);
1BV – a sports running gear (quattro GmbH);
2 MS – a base running gear (quattro GmbH RS4);
2ME – a sports running gear (quattro GmbH RS4)