4.4.2. Removal and installation of the shock-absorber

On cars with Dynamic-Ride-Control (DRC II) empty and fill system.
Remove a wheel.
Remove a twisted spring.
Unscrew a nut 1 and take the screw (fig. without protective leaf).
Unscrew bolts 2.

Loker of a wheel arch does not act.

Remove the shock-absorber.

Tighten screws 2.

Replace screws and the self-stopped management nuts in drawings in cuts.

Fig. 4.107. Bolts of fastening are resistant

You monitor the provision of the lower fastening (fig. 4.107).
Rubber-metal hinges (saylent-blocks) have the limited working range of twisting. Therefore tighten threaded connections of levers only on the empty car
Delay screw connection 1 (the forward drive) or (four-wheel drive).
Establish a twisted spring.
Establish and tighten a wheel.