5.1.3. Check of system of steering on tightness

It is necessary to check tightness of system of steering after carrying out installation works and in the absence of oil in a tank.

Start the engine.
Turn a steering wheel in both parties against the stop and quickly record. At the same time in system the greatest possible pressure is created.
In order to avoid damage of the pump during this check the steering wheel should not be in extreme situation more than 10 pages.
In it situation it is necessary to check the following details for leakage:
– a sealing ring of a gear wheel on the valvate case of the steering mechanism;
– all connections of pipelines;
– sealing rings of a gear lath.
This inspection is carried out only at the cuffs shifted back.
Open a spring clip and a collar with an ear on a cuff.
Remove a cuff back.
If in the case of the steering mechanism and/or in cuffs oil is visible, then the steering mechanism needs to be replaced.